Where Is the VIN Number on Your Mercedes-Benz, BMW or Lexus Vehicle?

How To Find the VIN Number in Your Mercedes-Benz, BMW or Lexus 

Do you need to go to the DMV and register that new-to-you Mercedes-Benz C-Class from Autos of Dallas? Are you just updating your automotive records? If so – you may need to locate the VIN Vehicle Identification Number. Learn how to find the VIN Number in your Mercedes-Benz, BMW or Lexus with this quick guide by Autos of Dallas.  

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What Is the VIN Number and What Does it Look Like? 

The VIN Number – regardless of brand – is unique in every vehicle and is a fingerprint for your car. It is a quick and easy way to find information on your vehicle that can help you find parts, run diagnostics and learn about the history of your pre-owned luxury vehicle. A VIN Number is a 17-character automotive barcode with numerical and alphabetical identifiers that provides important details about your specific BMW 5 Series. Details you can learn from a VIN Number and a brand-specific VIN Number Decoder include the manufacturer, country of origin, factory location, engine, year of assembly and more details that are specific to your individual car, truck or crossover.  

Diagram of VIN Number Door Location on Mercedes-Benz C-Class
Diagram of Additional VIN Number Locations Under Hood of Mercedes-Benz C-Class

Where To Find the VIN Number in Your Luxury Vehicle 

Do you need to find your vehicle VIN Number for business or personal use? You are in luck – it is pretty easy to find. The location of your VIN Number will vary based on the year, make and model of your vehicle. Two primary physical locations where you will find the VIN Number on your Mercedes-Benz, BMW or Lexus are the base of the driver’s side dashboard visible through the windshield and on the inside of the driver’s side door jamb. In your automotive records, the VIN Number can be found on your insurance card or vehicle title.  

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Learn how to find the VIN Number in your Mercedes-Benz, BMW or Lexus vehicle with this quick automotive guide created by Autos of Dallas. Visit the Autos of Dallas inventory today to find a pre-owned luxury car, truck or crossover that will make your automotive dreams come true in the Dallas-Fort Worth area!