Take dad out for a great, local meal in DFW!

Restaurants open for Father’s Day 2017 near Dallas TX

It may be hard to believe, but Father’s Day is just around the corner. It falls on June 18 this year, so it’s time to start planning! There are several ways to show dad you care, but perhaps one of the best ways to his heart is through his stomach – or so the saying goes. Dallas offers plenty of great cuisine, and there are tons of restaurants open for Father’s Day 2017. If you have yet to plan something for Dad, keep on reading. We’ve put together a list of a few of our local favorites. Read the rest of this entry >>

New Jaguar XE model in blue

Jaguar’s small luxury sedan model boasts advanced technology

2017 Jaguar XE trim levels and price information

If you’ve been on the hunt for a wild ride, you may be looking through some of the auto world’s high-end models. Jaguar – one of the luxury segment’s most sought-after brands – is no stranger to making consumers look twice. A prime example of Jaguar’s commitment to producing top-quality models can be found in Jaguar’s XE model. The XE is one of the brand’s smaller sedans, but it doesn’t act like it. If you’re curious to see what the 2017 Jaguar XE has to offer in terms of trim levels and pricing, look no further. We’ve gathered that information, so you don’t have to.
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Several Porsche 911 models in a row

Porsche introduces its one-millionth 911 model to the lineup

New and old historical pictures of the Porsche 911

It’s no secret that Porsche creates some of the auto world’s most famous sports cars. In fact, the brand has been at it for nearly a century. One of the most popular models – the Porsche 911 – just hit a historical milestone. The one-millionth Porsche 911 just rolled off the production line. If you’re curious to see how this model has changed since it was first released, keep on reading. We’ve compiled a few side-by-side photos of the model that we’re sure you’ll like. And don’t forget to visit us for a test drive in a pre-owned Porsche model today! Read the rest of this entry >>

2017 Land Rover Discovery in silver

Land Rover promotes adventure in 2017 commercial advert

Which sailing team is in the new Land Rover Discovery ad?

We’ve been hearing a lot about the all-new Land Rover Discovery model – one of the brand’s most versatile models to date. That said, if you’ve missed the bulk of the announcements and excitement, we’re here to help you out. Land Rover recently released a new ad that features a sailing team, and we have it available to view below. We also have more information about the model, and when you might see it arrive in a dealership near you. Keep on reading for details on the new, adventurous Discovery. Read the rest of this entry >>

Intelligent drive graphic

Mercedes-Benz models offer upgraded safety features

What is included in the Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive suite?

Vehicles are getting smarter, and Mercedes-Benz isn’t shying away from creating innovative technology. A prime example of the brand’s commitment to excellence can be found in the Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive suite, which is available in several of the modern-day models. If you’re curious to learn what’s included in the suite of technologies, we can help you out! Below, you can find videos explaining the safety features included in models across the Mercedes lineup.
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2017 Maserati Ghibli Nerissimo front view

Maserati offers new, limited-edition black trim package

2017 Maserati Ghibli Nerissimo Special Edition models and pricing

In case you weren’t already in love with Maserati – the luxurious Italian automaker – we have something to share with you. The brand has just about everything consumers could want – so, what was it missing? The Nerissimo Special Edition package. The package is available on a few different 2017 Ghibli trim levels, giving drivers the edge they may have been seeking. If you’re curious to learn which models the package is available on, and what it will cost, keep on reading. We have the information you’re looking for.
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2017 Mercedes CLA model

Mercedes-Benz’ CLA model gets new design updates

Differences between the 2017 and 2016 Mercedes-Benz CLA

Mercedes-Benz is no stranger to innovation, and it shows in the brand’s 2017 model lineup. A great example of Mercedes’ commitment to excellence can be found in the newest CLA model. In case you’re not all that familiar with the models, the CLA offers drivers a whole lot of luxury in a compact shell. If you’re curious what the differences between the 2017 and 2016 models are, check out which updates happened for the newer model below. Also, don’t forget to test drive the 2017 or 2016 (and other model years) CLA at our dealership today! Read the rest of this entry >>

Infiniti QX80 model in the dark

Exterior and interior photos of the 2016 INFINITI QX80

If you’re in the market for something luxurious, our guess is that you’ve perused plenty of options and have noticed that many modern luxury models offer similar amenities. This is great, because you know that you can get quality with several brands, whether you’re choosing Mercedes, BMW, Land Rover, or others. One younger brand that you may not have considered is INFINITI. If you’re looking for a large SUV that fits the family, the INFINITI QX80 may be just what you’re after. We carry an array of 2016 models, and they are looking good. Check out some exterior and interior photos of the model below, and don’t forget to visit our dealership for a test drive! Read the rest of this entry >>