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Learn More About the Mercedes-Benz E-Class DYNAMIC SELECT® Feature

How To Use Mercedes-Benz DYNAMIC SELECT® Drive Modes

When you choose the Mercedes-Benz brand you will enjoy plush leather interiors, elegant styles, performance-tuned engine options and cutting-edge technology. Armed with a standard DYNAMIC SELECT® drive program, you can customize performance at the touch of a button when you get behind the wheel of a used 2017 Mercedes-Benz E-Class at Autos of Dallas. Learn how to use Mercedes-Benz DYNAMIC SELECT® drive modes with this quick how-to guide.

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How Do Mercedes-Benz DYNAMIC SELECT® Drive Modes Work?

Models like the popular Mercedes-Benz E-Class and the luxurious, fun-to-drive Mercedes-Benz C-Class employ DYNAMIC SELECT® to allow you to fine-tune your drive. With this multi-mode drive program selector as a standard feature, you can choose from five drive modes at the touch of a button – ECO, Comfort, Sport, Sport+ and Individual. Each DYNAMIC SELECT® drive mode will adapt throttle response, transmission shift points and handling to match your desired driving style.

This innovative feature works in tandem with the ECO Start/Stop system and the adaptive suspension to deliver peerless ride quality. A DYNAMIC SELECT® switch located on the center console allows you to easily choose the drive mode you desire, which will be displayed on the instrument display and the COMAND® touchscreen display. Take a closer look at each DYNAMIC SELECT® mode explained below.

Close Up of Mercedes-Benz DYNAMIC SELECT Drive Modes on Instrument Display
DYNAMIC SELECT Comfort Mode Displayed on Touchscreen Display

Comfort Mode – Comfort Mode is the standard DYNAMIC SELECT® drive mode setting when you get behind the wheel of your Mercedes-Benz. With an emphasis on comfort and fuel economy, Comfort Mode promises a luxurious and balanced ride at every turn.

ECO Mode – Achieve unrivaled fuel economy when you select Eco Mode. With this mode enabled, you will experience earlier gear changes, a more relaxed engine response and modified climate control settings that are designed to maximize fuel consumption.

Sport Mode – Sharpen performance at the touch of a button when you select Sport Mode. This pre-set drive program will sharpen steering, stiffen the adaptive suspension, refine transmission shift points and modify throttle response to upgrade behind-the-wheel thrills.

Sport+ Mode – Sport+ Mode takes performance to an elite level, further coordinating driving systems to deliver unrivaled thrills when you hit the accelerator. When you enable Sport+ Mode, the ECO Start/Stop system will be deactivated, sacrificing fuel economy in favor of power and performance.

Individual Mode – Customize your ride to fit your driving style with DYNAMIC SELECT® Individual Mode. In Individual Mode, you can use the touchscreen display to create your own custom drive mode, altering steering, throttle and suspension settings to find the perfect balance of comfort, performance and efficiency.

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Are you in search of a luxurious, performance-tuned sedan, coupe or crossover that will fit your driving style? Mercedes-Benz models armed with DYNAMIC SELECT® drive modes will fit the bill. Learn how to use Mercedes-Benz DYNAMIC SELECT® drive modes with this how-to guide provided by Autos of Dallas. Visit the Autos of Dallas inventory today to find a pre-owned luxury model at an affordable price!