What is BMW Gesture Control and How Does it Work?

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Finger Pointing at BMW iDrive Touchscreen to Accept a Call and Hand Swiping at BMW iDrive Touchscreen to Reject a Call

Learn How To Use the BMW 5 Series Gesture Control Feature

BMW cars and crossovers represent the future of the automotive industry and are equipped with next-generation technology and systems that will upgrade your drive at every turn. BMW Gesture Control is an innovative feature that is available in select BMW models and will allow drivers to use simple hand gestures to perform various actions in the vehicle with 3D technology – turn the volume up or down, accept or decline a phone call, change the rearview camera angle or select navigation on the BMW iDrive infotainment system. Learn how to use the BMW 5 Series Gesture Control feature with this quick how-to guide and video. Visit the Autos of Dallas online inventory to get behind the wheel of a pre-owned BMW 5 Series today in the Dallas-Fort Worth area!

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What Are the BMW Gesture Control Hand Gestures? 


  • Accept a Call – Point to the BMW iDrive Touchscreen 
  • Reject a Call – Swipe Your Hand to the Right 
  • Turn the Volume Up – Circle Your Finger Clockwise 
  • Turn the Volume Down – Circle Your Finger Counter-Clockwise 
  • Change Rearview Camera Angle – Create a Circle with Your Thumb and Forefinger 
  • Select Navigation/Custom Setting – Point to the Touchscreen with Two Fingers  

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