How Does the Mercedes-Benz Head-Up Display Work?

How To Use the Mercedes-Benz Head-Up Display 

Driver Education 101 – keep your eyes on the road. Mercedes-Benz models equipped with the innovative color Head-Up Display will provide you with important information – current speed, navigation, traffic signs and cruise control speeds – projected on the windshield at eye level. Learn how to use the Mercedes-Benz Head-Up Display with this quick step-by-step how-to guide created by Autos of Dallas. Find a pre-owned Mercedes-Benz C-Class that will fit your budget when you visit the Autos of Dallas inventory

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Step-By-Step Instructions To Use the Mercedes-Benz Head-Up Display 

  • Press the Mercedes-Benz Head-Up Display Button on the Left Side of the Dashboard 
  • Press the Home Button on the Steering Wheel to Adjust Settings 
  • Use Up and Down Arrows to Select Settings Menu
  • Press OK to Select Settings 
  • Use Up and Down Arrows to Select Head-Up Display 
  • Press OK to Select Head-Up Display 
  • Use Up and Down Arrows to Select Brightness or Position 
  • Press OK to Select the Category 
  • Use Up and Down Arrows to Change Head-Up Display Settings 
  • Press OK to Save Changes