What is the Fastest Way to Cool Down the Interior of Your BMW with Air Conditioning?

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Close Up of Hand Adjusting an AC Vent with Blue Cool Air Illustration

How To Cool Down the Interior of Your BMW Fast 

Summer is on its way in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and you know that that means – HEAT. You can count on temperatures hitting the triple digits in the middle of summer and it is important to know how to cool down the interior of your BMW fast. Learn a little bit more about how to operate the BMW 3 Series climate control system with this step-by-step guide and how-to video. Find a pre-owned luxury car for more summer fun today when you visit the Autos of Dallas online inventory

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Step-By-Step Instructions to Cool Down Your BMW 

  1. Ensure Central Climate Control Vents are Open and Face Center 
  2. Set the Temperature Below 71 Degrees Fahrenheit 
  3. Set the BMW Climate Control System to Automatic 
  4. Increase the Fan Level as Needed 
  5. Press Max A/C for a Quick Blast of Cool Air 
  6. Use Remote Start to Cool Your BMW Before You Drive