Automatic Transmission vs Manual Transmission: Which Transmission Fits You Best?

Differences Between an Automatic Transmission and Manual Transmission 

Are you looking for a pre-owned luxury car that fits your driving style? Are you unsure of what type of transmission you should get? Learn more about the differences between an automatic transmission and a manual transmission and find the right fit today at Autos of Dallas. 

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Manual Transmission vs Automatic Transmission 

Manual transmission – or stick shift cars – employ a clutch disc that is located between the transmission and the engine. To shift gears with a manual transmission, you must use a clutch pedal to release the clutch disc and then manually shift into gear with a stick shift that is typically located on the center console. Automatic transmissions will shift gears automatically and come in two primary variants – an automatic with a hydraulic torque converter and a dual-clutch automatic transmission. Many modern vehicles equipped with an automatic transmission will add steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters that allow some manual manipulation of the transmission.

Advantages of a Manual Transmission 

  • Provides a More Engaging Drive 
  • More Affordable than an Automatic Transmission 
  • More Affordable to Maintain 
Automatic Transmission Shifter on Center Console

Advantages of an Automatic Transmission 

  • Easier to Drive in Busy Traffic 
  • Quicker and Smoother Gear Shifts 
  • Better Fuel Economy 
  • Shiftable Automatic Transmission is Engaging and Simple to Use 
  • More Common Feature for Vehicles 

What is a Continuously Variable Transmission? 

The more you search for your dream car, the more you might see a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) as an option and you may want to know – what is a Continuously Variable Transmission? Continuously Variable Transmissions employ a planetary belt and pulley system that provides an infinite amount of gear ratios. With this transmission option under the hood, you will enjoy a smoother drive and more efficient fuel economy than a standard automatic. Continuously Variable Transmissions are popular in hybrid vehicles and are available with steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters to upgrade performance. 

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What are the differences between an automatic transmission and a manual transmission? Use this guide to help you find a vehicle and a transmission that will match your driving style. Visit the Autos of Dallas inventory today to find a pre-owned Mercedes-Benz that will fit your lifestyle and budget!